Thursday, December 31, 2015

All in All 2015 Was a Stellar Year

Well, I pretty much accomplished what I set out to do.  With my Fitbit in hand, over the year I completed the Cross Canada Challenge, which is the equivalent of walking from Halifax to Vancouver, a distance of 4435 kilometers.  I was able to do this in 48 weeks, logging in, on average, more than the distance of two marathons a week.

As well with my jeans, I dropped another size, going from a 38-inch waist down to a 36.  Considering that at the end of 2013 I was wearing a jumbo size 44-inch size of jeans, I have made considerable progress in my journey to become lean and fit.  Put another way, during 2015 I dropped 27 lbs: moving from 260 lbs to 233 lbs this morning.  In total, since beginning this journey in November of 2013, I have lost 57 lbs.  In doing so, I probably added six or seven years to my life span.

On the exercise front, I have been able to maintain the twice a week regime throughout the year.  I refined my workouts so now I do one strength workout, an Olympic lift complex with heavy weights (clean, front squat, and push press overhead) and alternate between a barbell or kettlebell complex from week to week as my second workout.  Importantly, the weight workouts enable me to retain my muscle mass while I get rid of body fat.

With regard to my level of daily activity, I continue to walk when I can and to work at an upright desk that allows me to compose this blog while standing.  However, my biggest and most pleasurable surprize came from taking up salsa at the Azucar Latin Dance Club.  Now, I take classes twice a week and go social dancing once or twice as well.  It's a lot of fun and I have met some great people.  I think I'm hooked and am looking forward to a year full of social dance ahead.

It's all very good, yet by far my biggest milestone is that during 2015 I finally learned the secret to sustainable weight loss.  I know have been somewhat evasive about my discovery because I have only been following my new way of eating for only four months.  Nevertheless, I have lost 22 lbs during this time that follows a nineteen-month weight loss plateau.  It's too early to draw conclusions, but I think I have hit on something that I would like to share with others, especially considering that 95% of the people who try to loose weight fail to sustain their weight loss.

So, 2016 is shaping up to be even a better year.  Tomorrow, I'm off on a 17 day vacation to Ecuador to celebrate what was truly a great year for me with regard to health and fitness.  When I get back, I'll get back into my routines with one exception.  I have made it my goal to complete an ebook entitled, Climbing Out of the Fat Trap One Step at a Time.  Wish me luck.

To all of you who read this blog, I wish you health and happiness for you and your loved ones throughout the entire New Year.

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