Monday, June 15, 2015

Halfway There With Two Weeks To Spare

Last week, I passed the half way point in my Cross Canada Challenge, walking the equivalent of the straight line distance between Halifax and Vancouver as measured by my pedometer.  It is turning out to be quite the challenge since it requires a lot of discipline to log in the miles week after week, like walking two complete marathons and then some each week.  As well, because of the energy it requires, I am no longer riding my bike and I have reduced my gym time to one workout per week.  Barring injury, I can keep up the pace for the rest of the year, but once it is over, I think I'll reduce the number of kilometers that I walk, get back to cycling. and add another workout each week.

One thing that I have to say is that setting a SMART goal for distance does make a big difference.  I know how many kilometers I need to walk each day and that it is OK to walk less on the day I work out since I know I can make it up later in the week.  Having the overall goal broken down into daily tally also forces me to plan out the activity spread out over the day, taking into consideration the weather and any social plans that I have made, knowing full well that more often than not visiting someone means sitting for a long stretch.

In two weeks, I'll be half way though the calendar year.  That's when I'll have another official weigh in, letting me know if I have continued to lose fat and hopefully having retained muscle mass.  In any case, I feel great and that's what really counts.

Hasta luego.

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