Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Taking Up the Cross Canada Challenge

I'm now ten weeks into my fitness challenge for 2015.  It's time to take stock and adjust.

On the positive side, with the frigid part of winter now behind us, I can say that this first part of the year has been a grand success with regard to rolling out the kilometers.  As of today, I've walked a little over 1000 km, averaging 95 km a week.  I now know that I set the bar too low when I decided to aim for 4000 km for the calendar year, which requires moving ahead at a pace of only 77 km per week.  So, I have decided to raise the bar.

As it turns out, the straight line distance across Canada, from Halifax to Victoria, is 4,473.3 km, which works out to about 86 km per week, slightly less than what I have been doing since the beginning of the year.

Say, no more.  I'm up to the challenge.  In 2015, I will walk a distance equivalent, if you were to draw a straight line, from Halifax to Victoria.

I think I'm going by myself a new pair of walking shoes. 

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